Becoming a member of Tazegzout Golf will provide you with a unique opportunity to enjoy access to one of the finest and most challenging golf courses in Morocco.

At Tazegzout, we place a strong focus on our members’ mindsets as they are wonderful and vital ambassadors for the Club.

Along with unlimited access to the golf course, member benefits include:

• A friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
• Discounts on golf services: Golf Carts, Electrical Trolleys and Practice.
• Referral program: 5% of each membership fee credited to your account.
• Inclusion in all special Club activities.

Joining Tazegzout Golf Club is not only for passionate golfers, but also for those who simply want to embrace the entire Tazegzout experience.

If you are not yet a member at Tazegzout Golf but would like to know more about our golf memberships then please contact our Sales team on +212 671 81 81 89 / +212 528 29 29 69 , or send us a web enquiry.

MembershipsPublic Annual RateResident Rate*
Juniors < 15 years old28002500
Students 16-24 years old80006500

*Owner of a real estate property within Taghazout Bay

Discounts on Golf ServicesPublis RateMembers RateYearly Fee
Electrical Trolley 18 Holes1801503800
Electrical Trolley 9 Holes150120
Golf Cart 18 Holes4003206000
Golf Cart 9 Holes250200

Prices are TTC MAD.